JAC Commercial, LLC



“Carlos is a great communicator and had immensely helped me handle my first real estate investment transaction with much more ease. He went above and beyond to help me get the answers I needed and he continues to reach out to be helpful in any way or even to just say hello. Thank you Carlos!” ~ Donna Arrogante, Online Branding Strategist and Visual Identity Designer at The Essence Muse

“Our insurance team has had the privilege of working with Carlos for the past several years as a client for his commercial insurance needs. His knowledge and expertise in his profession is excellent. He is not only knowledgeable but also very personable and a joy to work with. There are a couple of things I enjoy most about working with Carlos. First of those is his willingness, without complaint, to do what is required to keep all of his properties at a high level of standardization and value. He takes pride in his ownership and has a magnificent team in place to see that all requirements are met and then goes over and above just the requirement level.
The second is his desire to know myself and my team to have a better understanding of the “types” of people he is working with. This enables his to continue keeping up the value of ownership that is required by him.” ~ Melody Gross, CSR at C H Smith Insurance Agency, Inc.

“Carlos exhibits exceptional relationship and communication skills. Highly self motivated. Details and results oriented.” ~ Sean Norvell, Territory Manager at Southwest Valve and Equipment

“It is my privilege to write this recommendation for Carlos. He is a brilliant sales executive who is driven and commitment to excellence and has a true a passion for helping others. He is a born leader who conducts himself with honesty and integrity. His proficiency with matching client needs with his company’s solutions allows him to quickly and seamlessly become a trusted advisor with his customers and peers alike. He is an asset to any organization and would enhance the overall experience for any companies cliental.”~ Daryl Ragsdale, Business Development Professional

“Carlos Garcia is a fine person with ethics and is a very driven person. I would consider Carlos as a friend and a team mate.”~ Dimas Avila, Independent Capital Management

“Carlos was an excellent client to work with and I look forward to doing business with him in the future.”~ Greggory Park, Owner of Warman Auto Detail

“I have known Carlos personally for about two years. I consider him of the highest integrity, and he is very detailed oriented and thorough. He is bright, energetic, and interesting to be around.”~ Bryon Williams, IT Sales Executive



“Since we first hired Jennifer in 2010 she has provided complete and concise accounting on more than 50 real estate transactions involving over 15 of our companies. Jennifer is much more than a book keeper, she is a Business Strategist of the highest degree. I have learned many good habits and necessary business practices that started out as mere suggestions from Jennifer. Much of the success I have achieved in the recent past is attributed to the professionals that I have surrounded myself with and Jennifer is at the top of that list.” ~Darren Davis , Co-Owner Sage Investing, LLC

“Jennifer is highly personable, technically knowledgeable and renders professional yet caring advice to her clients.” ~ Theodore D. Cohen, CEO and President at TDC Consulting, Inc.

“Jennifer was able to come in, look at several years’ worth of data and organize, clean up and evaluate information in an incredibly efficient manner. Her analysis of our financial data showed our strong and weak areas and allowed me to make changes in the practice that are ultimately increasing the bottom line and increasing our profits. She recommended numerous changes in our operations that are increasing the efficiency in the office. In summary, Jennifer has the ability to walk into a completely new business, quickly evaluate the information and ultimately increase its efficiency and profitability.” ~ Ioana M. Swikard, OD, Owner at Eye Gallery Optometry

“Jennifer possesses a unique and consummate command of finance, accounting, and operations that allow her to contribute and lead an organization to achieve its goals. I participated directly in projects that Jennifer lead and was consistently impressed by the quality of the team’s work under her management. For initiatives that fell under my area of responsibility, Jennifer was a ready source of support, information, and guidance. Her contributions helped me achieve my goals quicker and more efficiently than would have been possible without her help.” ~ Jeffrey Dotson, Trademark Licensing Sales, Management, and Program Development