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Meet Our Strategic Partners

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Darren Davis, Chief Analytical Officer

Darren Davis

Darren provides an in-depth analysis of the viability of properties. He makes sure the financials are accurate and reviews the profit and loss reports. He is available to educate buyers before they invest with us.

If you ask Darren what he likes most about what he does today, he says that he loves creating profit margins for JAC Investing clients.

Analysis of every property and every deal is a requirement here at JAC Investing, and we’re proud to have such a great analytical mind working with us.

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Kendall Stock, Master Negotiator

Kendall Stock

One of Kendall’s top strengths is in creative acquisitions and financing. Kendall’s ability to help clients find money for deals that they didn’t even know that had is impressive.

With Sage Investing, Kendall now has 140 properties in his portfolio and $2M in assets. He comes to our table (and yours) with:

  • Extensive knowledge in creative acquisition and turnkey solutions
  • An impressive understanding of how to use retirement accounts as investment vehicles
  • Real-world knowledge in how to raise private capital (if you don’t have money/credit for investing)

Kendall and partner Darren Davis created a strategic partnership between Sage and JAC Investing because they know integrity when they see it. Having worked with Jennifer and Carlos for over 5 years, Kendall can sincerely say, “Jennifer and Carlos are honest to a fault. Jennifer never cuts corners”.

What is Hawthorne Holdings, LLC

Hawthorne Holdings, LLC, is the natural synergistic partnership between JAC Commercial, LLC and Sage Investing, LLC.  Hawthorne Holdings LLC, is the inventory holding entity from purchase to renovation through the sale of each performing asset.

Mat Sorenson

MatMat is a partner at KKOS Lawyers. Mat’s practice areas include self directed IRA law, business entity formation, tax law, real estate, and securities law.

He has assisted over 1,000 clients with self directed retirement plan investments and has established IRA/LLCs, partnerships, private offerings, corporations, and other investment structures with self directed IRAs and 401(k)s. Most of Mat’s clients are self-directed retirement account owners structuring investments in real estate, into IRA/LLCs, or into private companies.

Mat regularly consults self directed retirement account owners on IRC 4975 and the prohibited transaction rules applicable to self directed retirement account investments, on UBTI and UDFI taxes, and has successfully represented self directed IRA owners before the IRS Appeals Office and the U.S. Tax Court.