JAC Commercial, LLC

Financing & Self-Directed IRA

JAC can work with you through traditional lender financing and more creative strategies!

JAC’s financing partner (a Danville Local financial institution), offers 50% LTV (loan to value) for those with a 700 credit score. If your score isn’t a match, we’ll find a way to work with you!

Contact Carlos Garcia, with questions, at 858-877-1279.

Be sure to inquire about how you can use your SELF-DIRECTED IRA to invest.

With JAC Investing you are never alone.

There are many options available and many creative ways to structure your investments to grow tax deferred or tax free. Imagine, tax free growth into your retirement account. Consult with JAC Investing to learn about your options.

Take control of your financial future. Direct your retirement funds into investments with monthly returns.

For more information, give our retirement plan specialist a call. Call CARLOS, 858-877-1279.

Additional Information & Upcoming Events:

Excellent Conference on Self Directed IRA’s. Learn how to make great investments with your retirement plan.

Self-Directed IRA Summit